Beijing Travel Advice to Make Your Trip a Success


Whether you are a regular visitor or planning a trip to Beijing, you’ll find a few useful Beijing tips to help make your trip a success. From the best places to shop to where to eat, there’s a lot to see and do when visiting Beijing after a Cathay Pacific […]

Moving Overseas – Where Do You Start?

Moving abroad is more common today than ever before. According to a 2020 report by the International Organization for Migration, as of June 2019 272 million people live in a country other than their country of birth. That’s an increase of 20% since 2010. Now, moving overseas is a huge […]

Hotel Financial Leadership – How to Read a Balance Sheet

Sharing is caring! Click on image to learn more Coming Soon in 2022  – The Prosperous Hotelier Complimentary Discovery Call – Video Course Links: Be sure to check out my other services on the links below. On-line Strategic Hospitality Financial Leadership Workshops The 3 Month 1-1 Financial Leadership Mentoring […]

Tips for A Safe Money Exchange While on Vacation

Vacations will certainly not be complete without buying souvenirs or hunting for local cuisine. To do the transactions, you will need local currency, whether it be Indonesian rupiah, American dollar, etc. So what if you don’t bring enough cash on vacation? Indeed, when traveling, it is advisable to get just […]