Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit, or mandalika circuit for short, is the newest racing circuit that held the GT World Challenge Asia. This very famous circuit is located in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Near this famous circuit, various exciting tourist sites can be visited during the holidays. What tourist sites should you include on your list and immediately visit while on vacation in Lombok?

Exciting Sites Near Mandalika Circuit

After being inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on November 12, 2021, the Mandalika circuit has succeeded in making Lombok much more famous than before. Make sure you visit the following tourist destinations if you visiting Lombok:

1. Kuta Mandalika Beach

Usually, Kuta Beach is identical to the island of Bali. But did you know, the Mandalika area in West Lombok also has a beautiful and exotic Kuta Beach. This beach is located in the village of Kuta, Pujur, in Central Lombok. From the Mandalika circuit, you only need to drive for 16 minutes.

Arriving at Kuta Beach, you will be greeted by the vast blue sea and white sand that stretches out beautifully. The green hills around the beach make it look very unique and beautiful. There is no ticket to this beach, only the vehicle parking fee is required.

2. Merese Hill

The beauty of the beaches in Lombok is second to none, but the hills are also very enchanting. While in Mandalika, tourists must visit Merese Hill. This tourist spot is not far from Kuta Beach and close to the Mandalika circuit.

The panorama offered by Merese Hill is stunning. This tourist destination has been used as a favorite spot by many people. From Merese Hill, you can enjoy the best sunset with the most beautiful sea view.

3. Sari Goang Beach

For tourists who prefer sunrise, there is a special place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in Mandalika, which is Sari Goang Beach. This beach has the same beauty as Raja Ampat. The scenery on this beach is natural and beautiful.

The location of Sari Goang Beach is in Mount Tunak Nature Park, Mertak, Central Lombok. The turquoise sea water looks attractive with brownish-white sand. In addition, there is a big rock with holes in the middle of the beach.

4. Sade Traditional Village

One of the traditional tours that tourists must try is visiting the Sade Traditional Village, which is the residence of the Sasak Sade Tribe, the original Lombok tribe. You can learn about Lombok culture in this traditional village.

After exploring Lombok, visit the island of Bali before returning to your hometown. bali tourism from india and various other countries has also been reopened so that all tourist attractions can be revisited with your family this time.