5 Unforgettable things to do in Tuscany

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Chianti hills with vineyards and cypress. Tuscan Landscape between Siena and Florence in Italy.
Be ready for a list of things to do in Tuscany that is packed with beautiful landscape, history, food, wine and fun!

Tuscany is one of Italy‘s most popular vacation destinations, with its beautiful cities, towns, and scenery. Historic towns, museums and churches, wonderful wine and cuisine, beaches, and stunning landscapes are just a few of Tuscany’s many attractions.

Tuscany is regarded as the cradle of the Renaissance. It prospered during this time period, producing some of the world’s most prominent and iconic thinkers, artists, and visionaries, including Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

The principal towns and cities of Tuscany are living history in themselves: Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Lucca, Pisa, Cortona… each has its unique set of joys and attractions.

It’s not a surprise that everyone wants to visit Tuscany. There are a variety of things you can do there to get the most out of your experience. Let’s have a look at the five unforgettable things you simply can’t miss during your visit to Tuscany.

Relax on the beautiful beaches in Tuscany

Wooden small old boat in Porto Santo Stefano seafront, a famous beach in Tuscany. Location is Monte Argentario, Tuscany, Italy.
The let beautiful Tuscany beaches enchant you!

Even though Tuscany is more commonly connected with the countryside and hills, it has breathtaking scenery of beaches! The Tuscan coastline is so gorgeous and enticing that it’s the perfect destination to spend your summer vacation: deep blue sea, clean waterways, amazing sights, magnificent nature, and, of course, delicious food!

Tuscany has a long coast with a wide range of attractions. Some of the most famous beaches are Marina Di Massa, Marina Di Carrara, Forte Dei Marmi, Viareggio, Calabrone, etc. All you have to do is book a luxury villa near one of your favorite beaches and enjoy one of the best experiences of your life! You can easily find villas like these that will provide unique access to the area’s rich history, spectacular landscapes, and thigh-knit culture.

Ride a Vespa in Tuscany  

Gorgeous cute decorated street with flowers and rustic entrance, old fashioned scooter standing in typical Italian street, Pienza, Tuscany.
That’s what I call a charming way to visit the best places in Tuscany.

There’s nothing like riding a Vespa through vineyards and olive orchards at sunset in Tuscany. After a day of exploring Tuscany’s wonderful museums and vibrant nightlife, a Vespa tour getaway is the ideal way to spice up your adventure. 

You can spend a day taking in the region’s heavenly vistas, visiting ancient villages, and enjoying the unique experience of a Vespa tour in Tuscany. Aside from the thrill of the ride, driving a Vespa allows you to visit places that are unreachable by public transportation. Chianti, Mugello, and Val d’Orcia are only three of numerous traditional settlements that are only served by extra-urban buses. We’re sure that riding Vespas across Tuscany is an experience you just cannot miss on your trip to Italy.

Enjoy the Tuscan cuisine

Plate of pasta, tagliarini served with bolognese sauce. Food is Tuscany best attraction.
Simple and delicious food!

It is no secret that Italian cuisine is a major appeal for many visitors to Italy. However, some non-Italian eaters may be unaware that each Italian region has its own unique meals and flavors. So much so that you could even say that Italian food does not exist! 

Tuscany has one of the best cuisines in Italy. Cucina Povera, or “poor cookery,” is the Italian concept behind Tuscan cuisine. It’s all about making simple and affordable meals in vast quantities. Since Tuscans like simplicity, they do not use sophisticated flavors in their cooking. Typical Tuscan recipes are focused on what Tuscans find fresh and local at the market, making them often quick and simple to cook with few ingredients. 

Crostini Toscani, Panzanella, Torta di Ceci, Ribolita, and Acquacotta are only a few of the best dishes you can’t miss when visiting Tuscany. Despite its simplicity, the cuisine is full of flavor. All meals are provided with the local bread, which is a white, basic, unsalted loaf. This custom dates back to the 16th century when a salt tax was imposed, causing inhabitants to reconsider how they baked bread. This old practice of unsalted bread has survived and currently distinguishes Tuscan bread from that of other Italian areas.

Explore the castles in Tuscany

Paschini Castle is a medieval-style castle located in Castiglioncello in Tuscany, Italy. Is one of the most beautiful castles in Tuscany.
Travel to the past while visiting Tuscany castles.

An enjoyable tour of Tuscany’s castles is all you need to be fully integrated into the fairy tale and feel the scents of the past. Visiting its castles will help you learn about Tuscany’s culture, history, and traditions. You will not be disappointed if you are interested in history or architecture or if you enjoy visiting fairytale palaces because Tuscan has a wide variety of castles surrounded by green landscapes that multiply the beauty of these structures.

Some of these charming Tuscany castles are now partly vineyards or museums, providing views into the past. These magnificent Tuscan castles have been passed down through the generations, with occupants still living there. 

Some of the magical castles in Tuscany are Castello di Sammezzano, Castello di Verrazzano, Palazzo Vechio, Giglio Castello, Castello del Boccale, etc. These top castles must be on your list whether you are in Italy for a week or longer or only visiting Tuscany for a few days.

Try the best wine in Tuscany

Stunning vineyards in Tuscany. The rolling hills are covered with grape vines. Visiting these vineyards is one of the best things to do in Tuscany.
Vineyards everywhere!

Tuscany is one of Europe’s most well-known wine regions. It is famous for its Sangiovese-based dry red wines. You can see vineyards and olive groves that sprawl across rolling hills, distant landscapes studded with farmhouses and castles, and ancient roads lined with cypress trees! 

The Tuscan wine area provides all you’re looking for and more! Tuscany is Italy’s third greatest producer of DOC/DOCG wines, trailing only Piedmont and the Veneto. After Sicily and Puglia, Tuscany is Italy’s third most planted wine area.

The region’s Vin Santo and Passito dessert wines are particularly highly regarded, despite being produced in small quantities. Over 80% of the wine produced in Tuscany is red, with the Sangiovese grape dominating the majority of it. Hence, if you are a wine lover, this is the perfect destination for you. 

Tuscany has a lot to offer in terms of adventure, and it is packed with history. Add our suggestions to your bucket list, and we assure you will have a great time there. But make sure you learn about the architecture of the places you’re going and their history because there will undoubtedly be some masterpieces you want to visit and understand. 

If you wish to have a private tour of lovely Florence or an authentic Tuscan experience, you will have a wonderful experience!