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Sights in Vancouver that Will Make Your Jaw Drop in Awe

If you’re looking for a paradise for outdoor activities or a place where you can forget about everything else, Vancouver is that place to be. With its beautiful landscape, breathtaking mountain scenery, and wide relaxing beaches, Vancouver has earned the right to be in one of the best cities in the world.

For outdoor enthusiasts, you can never go wrong visiting this city as it offers more than what you see on the internet — as a matter of fact, the internet cannot justify the beauty of this city. It’s better to go see it yourself.

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What to focus on when preparing family trips


You can enjoy great times with your family by traveling. Family trips make it possible for everyone to be in the same place which may not be ordinarily and as such, know one another better and get closer. You would be amazed by how little you know of your parents or siblings by the time you get closer to them. Here is what to do when planning family trips:

Get everyone involved in the trip

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As beach towns open, businesses are short foreign workers

BOSTON (AP) — At this time of the year, The Friendly Fisherman on Cape Cod is usually bustling with foreign students clearing tables and helping prepare orders of clam strips or fish and chips.

But because of a freeze on visas, Janet Demetri won’t be employing the 20 or so workers this summer. So as the crowds rush back, Demetri must work with nine employees for her restaurant and market — forcing her to shutter the business twice a week.

“It’s really disturbing because we are really busy,” said Demetri. “We can’t keep up once the doors are open.”


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Brit tourists ‘forced to sleep on beaches’ because hotels they booked are closed

Brits have reportedly been sleeping on beaches after finding out hotels are closed (Picture: Getty)
Brits have reportedly been sleeping on beaches after finding out hotels are closed (Picture: Getty)

British tourists have resorted to sleeping on beaches because hotels they booked are still closed, according to a new report.

The unlucky travellers were left disappointed when they turned up to their destinations and discovered some hotels were still closed following the coronavirus lockdown. 

Consumer watchdog Which? said travel agency Loveholidays was one of the main culprits for booking hotels that were not open, the Times newspaper reported.  

Other Brits who decided not sleep on beaches or return home had to find alternative accommodation. 

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