5 Places to Go Glamping in Quebec

Those who know me know that I am a whole made up of many parts: I have a part: Bohemia Adventurer Hippy BCBG But today, I want to talk to you about my glam part. Eh yes! I have a part of me that loves the beautiful, the sought-after, the […]

A journey begun at Net Affinity

Sharita J. Wilson

Our work lives lead their own little journeys within the bigger picture of our full lives. If we’re lucky, they can be as full as other parts of life – full of excitement, joy, ambition, hard work and satisfaction when things go right. When things go wrong, we hopefully have […]

The Heart of it All – Hotel Magazine

Sharita J. Wilson

It makes sense that the nation’s largest hotel is located in the heart of the largest city. Surrounded by fashionable boutiques, quaint cafes and designer galleries waiting to be explored, the Cordis Auckland offers a premium experience in the heart of it all.  Franz Mascarenhas is the hotel’s Managing Director. […]