Jamie Rothe is the DMC EDA Director of Community Engagement and Experience. She says the project is ahead of schedule. She shares some good news for the businesses that are affected by construction. 

“But because we’re making good progress in other areas, we’re going to open them up as soon as we can so sidewalks aren’t just closed. We’re going to open them up so we can limit the amount of impact on the businesses in that area,” Rothe said. 

Discovery Square is a collaboration with Mayo Clinic and numerous private partners. Its featured public realm project is the Discovery Walk, a linear parkway along 2nd avenue SW. It’s an extension of the Heart of the City project.

It’s still being developed, but DMC says they are looking to add weather structures a snowmelt system and the walkway might even extend into Soldiers Field.

The last project is about transportation in the city.

The goal DMC says is to deliver a transportation experience that’s equal or better than someone driving in a car. They aim to have bus travel at 30 percent in the city by 2035, compared to 10 percent now.

There will be a west transit village and the corridor along 2nd street that connects to Saint Marys.  

DMC says they are continuing ongoing community and stakeholder engagement. Construction will begin in 2022.

Even with all of these projects going on, Destination Medical Center Corporation Board said 2020 was a ‘good year’ despite having to manage the pandemic. 

“This matters a lot, the idea that we can diversify the economy of Rochester, and this isn’t just about dollars but about community building,” said DMCC Board Chair R.T. Rybak in a press release. 

Patrick Seeb is the executive director for DMC Economic Development Agency. He said in a press release that he’s looking forward to what these projects add to the city.

“Cost of living, recreation, education, proximity to urban amenities, an international airport, and of course the obvious – healthcare, make Rochester and the region an attractive choice for remote workers,” Seeb said. “We look forward to sharing the Rochester story and why our quality of life can’t be beat.”