Huntington Beach USA

Amongst the trials and tribulations of life, it’s important to spend some time treating yourself. Although there are many ways to do this, an exclusive, luxury vacation has so many benefits. Not only can looking forward to your trip motivate you through difficult times or work, but it’s also an excellent form of escapism to reduce stress, improve your mood and broaden your cultural horizons.

In life, it’s all about embracing the journey. So why compromise on this for your vacation? Private jet companies are increasingly popular as people seek ways to travel that are convenient and comfortable, so consider starting your trip the way you mean to go on – in luxury. If you’re ready to get away but you’re not sure what to splurge on, take a look at our favorite luxury vacation ideas.

Huntington Beach USA

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Luxury beach hideaway

Few of us can resist the appeal of a beach vacation, coming top consistently in the most popular spots for Americans. After all, blazing sun, clear skies, crystal waters, and iced drinks. What’s not to like?

What takes the traditional beach experience to luxury levels is having it all to yourself. Private beaches have a reputation as being accessible only to the world’s billionaires, but this isn’t true.

Often, a high-end cruise includes ports with private beaches at a lower cost than staying in a resort. However, if cruises aren’t your thing or you’re prone to sea sickness, luxury resorts with private beaches are available in prime locations. Venture to a hotel in the Bahamas for a peaceful setting known for its excellent service and haute cuisine.

Spa and wellness retreat

Many of us have fast-paced lives, so spa and wellness treatments represent the ultimate indulgence. They’re a chance to slow down, feel grounded again and do something for yourself.

Book a spa retreat for a complete revival of body, mind, and soul as a change from your local salon. Luxury spas are found in so many locations, from the eternally opulent Dubai to quiet wellness islands.

To decide on your ideal spa vacation spot, consider whether you prefer the idea of a glamorous spa environment or a nature-focused experience. Do you want a day full of cutting-edge aesthetic treatments before getting ready for an evening of cocktails that even Gatsby would envy? Or do you want to participate in the growing wellness tourism sector for a rejuvenating break that focuses on mindfulness and connecting with the outdoors?

Both options are equally luxurious, so your decision is dependent on your own taste and desires for your trip.

Cultural experience

Milan Duomo / Milan Cathedral
Milan Duomo / Milan Cathedral

If you work hard, you want to play hard. For you, this may mean a cultural experience like no other.

So many European cities are ideal for history, creativity, and couture, but arguably none more so than Italy. Head to Milan for a classy combination of fashion and heritage, where some of the world’s foremost fashion designers call home. If retail therapy features in your image of a luxury vacation, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities here. You’ll find plenty of five-star hotels at the forefront of contemporary design for a plush base of operations.

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