The Scarborough Grand Hotel has come under fire once again by a family who claim they left the seaside town and stayed in Hull after experience

The Grand Hotel in Scarborough has been left scathing Tripadvisor reviews

A family say they had to flee a seaside hotel after they said they were “ripped off.”

The family had planned to stay at the Scarborough Grand Hotel, but left and chose to drive over an hour and twenty minutes to stay in Hull instead.

The hotel has repeatedly come under fire in months, with guests only last months describing a “night of carnage” where staff and customers rowed.

YorkshireLive reports that a family visiting the Britannia hotel just last week described it as a “total dump” and said they had to wait 50 minutes to book in for a room that they claim had failed to be cleaned from its previous occupants.

In despair, the family alleged that their room’s handle had been broken off, which they said meant they could not secure their door at night.

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Used towels from previous guests were left out

They also claim they found towels used by previous occupants all over the room as well as a half empty carton of milk along with used coffee cups.

They took to TripAdvisor to tell of their nightmare trip.

They said: “When we reached the room the door was open which we then realised was due to the handle being broken off – so you would not be able to actually secure the door if you stayed over night.

“When we went into the room there were towels all over the room from the previous occupants, used coffee cups, half used carton of milk, bag of rubbish and unmade beds.”

The family went on to claim that when they did call down to reception, they were allegedly told the room had been made up, with the staff described as “rude, defensive and seeming like they could not care less”.

They continued: “Housekeeping have not cleaned in this hotel for a long time, dirty carpets, stairways, mattresses lying out in the hall. Reception at least had the decency to refund the money, but not a word of apology.

“A shame really because it’s a lovely building and could be amazing but it is a total dump and needs a lot of money spent on it. We had to sit in a car park on a Saturday night ringing round hotels looking for a place to stay.

The family say the bed was left unmade

“After an hour and a half found somewhere and finally got to Hull at 10.15pm. Avoid at all costs!”

The customer called the £230-a-night stay “a total rip off” and advised future hotel guests to avoid at all costs.

When a Yorkshire Live reporter visited, he discovered the price for a single room had been ramped up to £266.50.

Once an iconic building that first opened as the world’s largest hotel and brick structure in Europe in 1867, it’s now been reported as a haven for nesting seagulls and as having a disgusting smell of sewage surrounding the grounds.

Britannia Hotel has been approached for comment.