Five Ways to Let Guests Know They Can Message Your Hotel

Guest messaging is designed to answer a need from hotel guests for quick, personalized, and convenient communication, in the way that suits them best. Successfully implementing a messaging platform operationally is the first step. But how do you get guests to actually message you?

Once you have incorporated the platform, defined who will respond and when, and set up procedures to deal with issues, there is just one thing left: letting the guest know you are open for business!


Read here how to successfully implement new technology in your team.

Tech adoption from the guest side can result to be complex at times. Often, because they don’t know you offer this service!


Tips on How to Get Your Guests to Message You

1. QR-Codes… Everywhere!

Who hasn’t used a QR code to order, pay, or reach a website lately? The pandemic has made us rediscover the usability of QR codes, and what is not to love about them? They’re easy to use, accessible for almost all, and can be placed anywhere!


Remember that you can create personalized QR codes directly from our platform. You can then download and print or display them anywhere in your hotel. Scanning the code with a phone camera will lead guests directly to your messaging service.

Some ideas on where to place them:

  • Tent cards at check-in
  • Tent cards in the room
  • Posters across the establishment
  • Key cards


2. The hotel website

The first port of call, and an essential place for you to share the news that guests can contact you via messaging. You can display contact information and/or use the web chat directly from your site to the hub before the guest has even booked. Ensure your messaging landing page is linked to your website homepage to create easy access.


3. Email-signature

You will most likely be contacting your guests to confirm their booking and welcome them once they arrive, not to mention in-stay Guest Surveys. Why not use it as an opportunity to inform your guests about your guest messaging service?

4. Message them first!

Why wait until guests message you first? Send out a pre-stay communication via email, WhatsApp, or SMS to inform your guest of the possibility to contact you via messaging by responding to your WhatsApp or SMS, and by adding the link to your messaging landing page.


5. Word-to-mouth marketing

Train your staff to advertise your messaging landing page at check-in, so guests know they can contact you via messaging instead of queuing at check-in.

Remember, different clients have different needs. You can use guest messaging to deal with certain groups with specific needs, like conferences. You may decide to assign a specific person or process exclusively to your conference group. It could be convenient to display dedicated messaging contact details in the areas they are going to use, or on branded materials like notepads. The same thing goes for the restaurant, pool area, or spa.


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