How to Tame Your Pandemic Anxiety and Enjoy Your Vacation –

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With border restrictions starting to ease in many parts of the world, and an abundance of cheap flight tickets available, people are eager to travel again–but some are more comfortable actually hopping on a plane than others. Destination Analysts found that although the number of Americans making travel plans continues to rise steeply, 25% of survey respondents are experiencing their highest levels of travel anxiety since last October.

Some nervousness is understandable, but it shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying your trip. That would defeat the whole point of getting away! Here are some practical tips to help you put worry aside and make the most of your holiday.

Stick to your comfort zone

If you’re traveling with friends or family, make sure they know what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t communicate beforehand, you could find yourself holed up in your cabin, rueing the day you agreed to that week-long cruise.

Everyone’s comfort level is different, which may mean you participate in separate activities during the trip. Just don’t let yourself be pressured into an uncomfortable situation. Put your safety and peace of mind first.

Identify what stresses you

You may not know what sets off your travel anxiety until it confronts you. It could be large crowds, or sitting next to strangers on a plane. Before leaving, make a list trying to pinpoint situations that you expect will make you anxious.

Once you have your list, start tackling solutions. For example, the solution for large crowds is double masking, or bringing calming music or an engaging book on board your flight. Creature comforts like these can make a huge difference in reducing your stress.

Plan ahead

Travel always involves chaotic situations. There will be events outside your control. But knowing how the trip will progress can give you a sense of comfort.

Make a list of things you can control, like what hotel you’re staying at, items you’ve packed, and what time you’re leaving for the airport. These details will help anchor your trip, making it feel less overwhelming.

Consider using a trip booking platform that’s designed to minimize stress. Launchtrip, a new hotel and restaurant booking app, lets you cancel your reservation up to 72 hours before check-in, and provides 24/7 real-time customer support throughout your whole trip.

Pace yourself

Scratching your travel itch doesn’t mean you have to stuff your itinerary with every activity available at your destination. Immerse yourself slowly through gradual exposure. For example, if you’re worried about going to a restaurant, try eating outdoors on the patio first. Once you see how many precautions are in place and how normal the experience is, you will likely feel more at ease.

Worst case scenario, if COVID anxieties continue to nag, you can always do takeout!

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