The Best Things to Do in Cannes Year-Round

For hitting reset, Cannes has plenty of spas to choose from. Opened in October of 2022, Villa Belle Plage takes a holistic approach to wellness, offering targeted programs to support short- and long-term well-being. Designed by Raphael Navot (Hôtel National des Arts et Métiers, Le 39V, Silencio), the space feels contemporary […]

Things to see in Norwich in a day

Norwich is a cathedral city in the area of East Anglia, roughly 160 kilometres northeast of London. As I had some meetings in the area, I decided to extend my stay and spend a day in Norwich, reputedly England’s most complete medieval city. I strolled around and found a vibrant […]

The 2022 Legal Nomads Gift Guide

I did my first ever holiday gift guide for travelers a few years ago, which was fun to compile. Readers seemed to enjoy the various items, and I was happy to share some of the products that accompanied me on the road. This year, I wanted to do something a […]

Creating a Big Kids Room for Your Toddler

There is something exciting about your kid’s transition from one developmental stage to the next, especially when they change from baby to toddler. Now they can walk and have outgrown their cot, it’s time to think about turning that nursery into a big kid room. Before going any further, be […]