More than $700K in requested Myrtle Beach accommodation tax funds rejected by City Council | Myrtle Beach News

MYRTLE BEACH — The city of Myrtle Beach received requests from 31 applicants who wanted a share of approximately $5.2 million Myrtle Beach has from its annual accommodation tax — although $716,500 in requested funds by tourism and arts organizations were not granted by the Myrtle Beach City Council.

The council recently allocated 65 percent of the tax funds between those applicants and related tourism needs, with some applicants receiving thousands less than requested.

Nearly 100 percent of the requests made by the city were approved, representing 90.1 percent of the available $5.2 million.

“We always receive more requests for

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Visitors flooding Myrtle Beach SC strain hospitality workers

Lines out the door at Señor Frogs. An empty section at Joe’s Diner by the Airport. Few, if any, Lyft or Uber rides. The common thread that ties all of these together: All three problems stem from Myrtle Beach’s worker shortage.

A worker shortage? In a pandemic? How?

It’s a real issue in the Grand Strand. Dozens of restaurants, hotels, amusement parks and other businesses have “help wanted” signs outside their doors and on numerous job search websites.

Señor Frogs, a Hispanic restaurant located at Broadway at the Beach, sat half empty on Saturday afternoon even as

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COVID deals financial blow to Myrtle Beach SC tourism

After an initial COVID-19 gut-punch in the spring, Patrick Norton thought in May that the worst was in the past for the Myrtle Beach condo and hotels he manages — it was a great month and bookings were way up.

But then the COVID-19 spike of June and July hit. Local restrictions and a loss of tourists followed.

“Bookings literally dried up overnight,” Norton, who works as vice president of sales and marketing at Brittain Resorts & Hotels, said. “We’d have days where we have $1 million in cancellations. Almost overnight we went from seeing a normal summer to 50%

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Myrtle Beach will now require face masks be worn in public places as COVID-19 cases soar

Myrtle Beach will now require face masks be worn in public places following weeks of coronavirus cases rising significantly in both South Carolina and Horry County.

The Myrtle Beach City Council met in a special meeting Thursday morning to approve a motion that allows City Manager John Pedersen to issue an executive order requiring residents and visitors to wear face masks or coverings in all retail, personal service, food establishments, hotels, amusements and where a six foot distance can’t be observed.

The decision comes as the city prepares for thousands of tourists to inundate the area for the July 4

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