Why This Remote Oaxacan Beach Town Is High on LGBTQ+ Travelers’ Lists Right Now

Beach with Row of Umbrellas with Pacific Ocean, Zipolite, Oaxaca State, Mexico

Jon Lovette/Getty Images

For years, queer travelers visiting Mexico have beelined to Puerto Vallarta, lured by its packed nightclubs, lively terrace bars, and LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere. Lately, though, a tiny Oaxacan beach town called Zipolite has drawn more and more travelers, in part because of its departure from Mexico’s more polished destinations.

“What drew me to Zipolite was the openness and freedom to be who you are or want to become,” Vincente, the owner of ChiZme (Zipolite’s first official queer bar), told Travel + Leisure. “It was

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Hotels Target Remote Work And Learning

A continued slump in business travel and reticence to travel for leisure in many areas of the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic have pushed hoteliers to think outside of the box. School and work demands soldier on, even if from home, giving hotels new opportunity for potential business in the form of “work-from-hotel” or “school-from-hotel” stays.

Productivity and concentration levels can suffer with home-life distractions. Hotels are working hard to develop intriguing packages

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