Miami Beach Police stop enforcing new law after rough arrests

Miami Beach police say they have stopped enforcing a new law that critics believe has emboldened officers to arrest bystanders using their phones to film police on duty.

The law, which made it a crime to stand within 20 feet of officers with the “intent to impede, provoke or harass” them, was passed in June and cited in a string of controversial arrests following a chase and take-down that led to five officers being charged with using excessive force.

The department announced that it had paused enforcement of the law on Thursday, the same day the Miami Herald reported on

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Laguna Beach partially lifts stop work order on restoration of Hotel Laguna

Restoration work can resume at Hotel Laguna on its restaurant, lobby, bar and kitchen after the city of Laguna Beach partially lifted a stop work order on the historic landmark that had been placed when officials discovered exterior work was occurring without a permit.

A statement released Wednesday by the city said building inspectors confirmed the interior work done by developer Mo Honarkar on the hotel meets required construction standards, but that no work will be allowed in other parts of the hotel until Honarkar and his team submit a comprehensive plan for the overall restoration of the property and

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COVID-19: SAGE warned only mandatory hotel quarantine for all would stop variants spread | Politics News

Scientists warned only mandatory hotel quarantine for all travellers to the UK would come close to fully preventing the import of new COVID variants, it has emerged.

The government last week announced plans for UK nationals and residents returning from “red list” countries to be placed in quarantine in government-provided accommodation – such as hotels – for 10 days.

However, this action will stop short of a full closure of the UK’s border, or mandatory hotel quarantine for all arrivals, as some had called for.

Live COVID updates from the UK and around the world

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