Target audience review wins Seafield Hotel a 69% increase in revenue

The importance of accurate targeting – that is, the act of reaching the right audience with the right offer – is incredible, and we have tangible proof to prove it.

How personalisation can increase your revenue

Seafield Hotel

Seafield Hotel is a 4-star gleaming gem in Gorey, Co. Wexford – just an hour away from Dublin city. Surrounded by lush green grounds, the property is only a stone’s throw from the pearly sands of Ballymoney Beach which overlooks Tara Hill.


Designed in a contemporary fashion by an Italian architect, it’s no wonder the light-filled hotel is a favourite for weddings. Their award winning Oceo spa is a tranquil haven which attracts people far and wide who are looking for a luxurious experience just minutes from the Irish Sea.

Touching all bases

Since the beginning of 2022, our marketing team worked very closely with the brilliant team in Seafield on refining elements of their digital strategy in order to maximise revenue. On undergoing a close review of Google Analytics, we could plainly see the varying types of people, or ‘audiences’, who were engaging with them. While we gathered all of the online data, the team at Seafield did research in-house to check what we were seeing corresponded with their bookings. It seemed to check out.

Once we had our audiences defined, we crafted specific campaigns for each

Defining our audiences was the easy part – next came the campaign crafting. Based on each audience and their interests, where they spent their time online etc, we decided on platform and budget, all the while advising that the landing pages for each offer corresponded with the offers and other digital activity so there was a higher chance of customers following through.

Here’s a taster of the audiences we defined and catered for:

  • Audience 1 – 23-34, only women, no kids
  • Audience 2 – 25-45, couples, no kids
  • Audience 3 – 25-50, couples, kids under 15
  • Audience 4 – 50 plus, adult children or none

As we crafted our campaigns, we had discussions with the team at Seafield and collectively realised we needed content that would appeal to the older cohort identified as engaging with their brand. As smart, responsive and reactive as ever, the team at Seafield got to work planning and seeing through multiple photography shoots, curating each and every one carefully so what was produced was beautifully reflective of the brand as well as being appealing to the audiences they were for. A lot of work went into this by the team at Seafield. Once all shoots were completed, the team began adding an array of gorgeous images to their bank of content across all online platforms. Most importantly, there was plenty of new content that would speak and appeal to a variety of audiences.


They also invested time and effort into curating a huge amount of new video and photography content for summer and autumn – seasonal content they can use and reuse over the coming years given its supreme high quality.

What were the results?

“It is an absolute pleasure working with the team at Net Affinity, they have been extremely supportive, particularly over the past 12 months as we have worked closely together to refine our digital marketing strategy. It’s great to see the positive impact our efforts have had over the past number of months and we look forward to continued growth heading into 2023.” – Kate Kavanagh, Sales & Marketing Manager at Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort

Since beginning this journey, we have collectively worked hard to optimise campaign activity so as to achieve fantastic results, which include:

2022 vs 2021

  • 18.54% increase in revenue
  • 19% increase in traffic
  • 20.6% increase in transactions
  • 2.87% increase in eCommerce conversion rate

2022 vs 2019

  • 69% increase in revenue
  • 15% increase in traffic
  • 30.9% increase in transactions
  • 18.38% increase in eCommerce conversion rate

The total revenue Seafield generated from their reach and frequency campaigns accounted for 62% of overall revenue through meta since commencing on March 1st, 2022.

“The team at Seafield Hotel & Resort always have their finger on the pulse, looking for new ways to excel their results to new heights. That’s where our primary focus on a new audience strategy stemmed from. Seafield were willing to put in the work with us to identify our audiences and invest in collateral to support any gaps that we identified. The results speak for themselves and we look forward to continuing this journey with the team.” – Aoife Nolan, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist at Net Affinity 

We hope this gives you an indication of how important it is to properly monitor who your audiences are, because being equipped with this information, including how to target them, will make all the difference to your success as a hotelier. Once you know exactly who you are targeting, you can properly invest in collateral (images, videos etc) like Seafield did, that will genuinely appeal to your audiences – and the results will speak for themselves.


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