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Vacations will certainly not be complete without buying souvenirs or hunting for local cuisine. To do the transactions, you will need local currency, whether it be Indonesian rupiah, American dollar, etc.

So what if you don’t bring enough cash on vacation? Indeed, when traveling, it is advisable to get just enough cash in local currency. If it turns out that the money brought is less, you can always change your native currency to a local one in a money exchanger.

Tips for A Safe Money Exchange While on Vacation

A money changer is one of the most popular places for tourists to go when they want to exchange money. To avoid unwanted things, here are tips to overcome them:

Choose Popular Places

When you are in a foreign place and there are many choices of money changers, the first solution is to choose a popular place. It is understandable because a big money changer must have credibility.

It is not easy to run a business, including exchanging money. If the company can be famous, it should be trusted, and the transaction is guaranteed. 

No Additional Commission

When the holidays arrive, for example, during Eid, the sight of an impromptu new money changer is very easy to find. If you want to exchange old money for new money, consumers will be charged a commission fee which varies depending on the service provider.

However, this does not apply to foreign currency exchange. Authorized foreign exchange places do not charge additional commissions. They have clear benchmarks in setting currency rp and other foreign currencies.

Every money changer company has almost the same standards as each other. So, if someone charges an additional commission outside of the applicable regulations, it could be that the company or service is not official.

Scam Alert

If money changers offer excessive bonuses, it could be scams. The government always recommends exchanging money in official and trusted places. This is to prevent tourists from being scammed under the guise of money exchange services.

No extra cash bonuses. Correct foreign exchange will definitely exchange money according to the current exchange rate. Their calculations are precise so that tourists can predict the amount of local currency they will get.

When on vacation, it is better to bring cash as needed. This is to avoid criminal actions that might occur. If you have to exchange money, always choose an official money changer that is more reliable.

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