Top 20 hotel services to offer to your guests

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What services should you have in your hotel? To answer this question, the Experience Hotel team analyzed thousands of pieces of data provided by our hotel customers to find the free and paid hotel services most valued by travelers.

Top 10 chargeable services:

List based on an analysis of 16,103 stays

  • Breakfast
  • Parking
  • Love package / Love box
  • Book of tickets or passes (subway, museum, etc.)
  • Bottle of champagne
  • Flowers
  • Restaurant
  • Room with private view
  • Spa / Hammam / Massage
  • Shuttle / Shuttle / Private bus

Top 10 free hotel services:

List based on an analysis of 16,103 stays

Compared to sites like, the world’s leading hotel reservation site, it is imperative to reinforce your hotel offer with many free mini-services available to your customers. Here are the ones they select the most when offered an expanded list:

  • International adapter
  • City map
  • Bottle of water
  • Ironing facilities
  • Extra pillows in room
  • Luggage
  • Beauty kit: hair dryer, shaving kit, etc.
  • Welcome tray in room / Courtesy tray
  • Baby / child kit (bed, high chair, etc.)
  • Concierge service (alarm clock, reservations, advice, etc.)

Why don’t your services get sold?

Very few hoteliers have an active strategy for selling paid services. When questioning a few managers, the answers provided were:

“We have paid services for sale on our booking engine, but they are almost never ordered. “

“Our receptionists don’t sell them. “

Both of these observations are unfortunately true.

The first is easily explained: a web user who pays for both his air ticket and his hotel will probably not want to pay more. You have to give them some time before selling them extras.

The second one is far too variable because it implies a human competence factor. A receptionist should of course be very commercial, whether it’s selling your extras or just being very personable with your customers.

There is a third hidden factor whose importance is sometimes underestimated: the list of services for sale should correspond to your type of clientele (which is unfortunately not always the case). Having a whole sales strategy of “Love box” and “Romantic dinner” when your clientele is composed of 80% of Corporates would obviously not generate many sales either.


Boost your offer and reinforce your difference!

As a hotelier, you have the opportunity to offer many interesting services to your customers, thus improving the overall quality of their stay. Don’t skimp on quantity, but adapt the services offered to the customer!

A corpo will not be interested in the same thing as a single tourist, a couple or a family!

The more you personalize, the more you have chances to sell 🙂 Improve the customer experience by offering them services adapted to their stay, improve your e-reputation, and increase your RevPAR….

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