In this article we are going to list the 20 fastest growing vacation destinations in the US. Click to skip ahead and jump to the 5 fastest growing vacation destinations in the US.

Travelling has always been one of the best ways to spend some free leisure time with your loved ones and break away from the monotony of life. Since the beginning of this century tourism industry has flourished and there has been an increasing mindset of people to get out of their dens and explore the world.

Tourism industry is one of the most progressive and the most exciting businesses of all. The industry provides employment to numerous people and many economies solely rely on tourism for revenue generation. People travelled since the beginning of this world but what really boosted the tourism industry was the advent of internet and the globalization that it brought with it. People around the world were able to connect to each other and discovered a newfound interest in visiting different countries and exploring different cultures and cuisines.

Today, the kind of lifestyles that we have and the public sphere that influences us makes us all aspire to travel around the world and see all those famous places from our own eyes. Most corporate companies now have their offices and clientele in various different countries and continents and hence require their employees to travel very frequently for meetings and conferences. Extravagant honeymoons and destination weddings are also something very common now. To cater to all such needs there has been a rapid increase in the number of businesses in the industry who have set newer benchmarks and better standards and this process is ongoing because once something is interesting and unique enough to create a buzz people start visiting it.

14 fastest growing vacation destinations in the US


This world has thousands of beautiful places and mesmerizing sceneries that are worth visiting. But perhaps, even until a few years ago travelling was seen as something which not everyone could afford and only the more privileged and affluent ones were able to travel around the world. However, with everything becoming much more accessible travelling has become a thing for everyone at least every once in a while, if not very frequently. With the development of tourism industry and more entrants in the hospitality field there are more travel packages, cheaper air fares and better accommodation deals which also motivate the middle working class to save up and travel to their dream vacation destinations.

Although when thinking of ideal vacation destinations, one thinks of being in a European country enjoying a beautiful sunset in the tropics. USA is not the first country that naturally comes in mind when thinking about a perfect tourist attraction since it has always been viewed as the political hub of this world and people have always seen it as a place they might want to live in, but there is definitely more to it. The country has a diverse topography with many beautiful cities, countryside attractions, one-of-a-kind beaches and much more that makes the country one of the best places to visit at least once in your life. It is an extremely versatile country because each of its states is so different from the other that one can enjoy the beaches and the mountains, the bustling cities, and the countryside all simultaneously in just one country. This is something impossible to find in any other country in the world. It is undoubtedly a place that makes it to everyone’s bucket list.

The US tourism industry is doing exceptionally well for decades and contributes more than 1 trillion US dollars to the country’s GDP. The current pandemic situation has affected the industry globally and thus the negative impact of it can also be seen in the US. Nonetheless, some destinations are still growing in popularity. This has affected some of the biggest airlines in the US such as United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL), Delta Airlines (NYSE:DAL) and American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL). The hospitality industry has also suffered severely, with the biggest hotel company in the world, Marriott International (NASDAQ:MAR) suffering a lot during the pandemic as well. The rankings and listings for the fastest growing vacation destinations in the US have been compiled from Forbes, Insider, and Travel Pulse. So let’s take a look at the cities in the US people love to flock to, starting with number 20:

20. Scottsdale, Arizona

Starting off our list with one of the less popular destination of US, which is Scottsdale, a desert city in Arizona. Although still with a much lower tourist traffic than the more popular US cities, Scottsdale makes it on our list because it is one of the fastest growing vacation destinations. There are many spa resorts, golf courses and various other attractions opening up in the city inviting more and more tourists every year.