5 Best Tourist Attractions in Bintan Island 2022

Sharita J. Wilson

A good vacation must require preparation, especially in making an itinerary and choosing a suitable place to visit. Bali, Lombok, and Sumba are tourist destinations that foreign tourists often discuss. However, Bintan island can be included in your holiday itinerary too!

The beauty of this island in Batam always amazes everyone visiting. Moreover, you can get a luxurious inn with a view of the offshore. To enjoy a holiday on Bintan Island what to do can be seen below.

Best Things to Do in Bintan Island

1. Embark on a Safari Adventure

Take your children or nephews to enjoy the holidays with an adventure at Safari Lagoi and Eco Farm. Many endangered animals are protected here, including primates, Komodo dragons, elephants, crocodiles, and others.

Furthermore, you can play while learning about animals, including their habitats, behavior, and the stories of how and why they were saved. So, this tour is highly recommended to visit because it has educational value.

2. Wallowing in the Busung Desert Sand

Playing in the sand is sure to be fun if you are on vacation with friends or a partner. You can enjoy the sensation of the desert in a country with a tropical climate here.

This sand dune is located in Bintan Island, which features beautiful views such as the Sahara desert with various colors of light brown, yellow, and even a touch of red. Very fascinating to see, isn’t it? We highly recommend that you must capture the moment in this place.

3. Take Pictures at Bintan Sand Dunes and Blue Lake

This popular place is genuinely an extraordinary beauty. The light brown sand dunes with a beautiful bluish lake make everyone who sees it fall in love with the beauty of nature and the combination of colors.

Taking pictures and taking selfies here is a mandatory activity always done by visitors. The beauty of the lake is very romantic, as is the background image used in movies.

4. Culinary Tour at the Night Bazaar

Traveling without tasting local specialties from the city will be boring. Try to visit the night food bazaar in Tanjung Pinang called Akau Cut Lembu. Indulge your taste buds with various delicious foods sold at their food stalls.

5. Stay at Club Med Bintan

Of course, you must find a comfortable place to stay on every vacation. Club Med Bintan is a hotel in Batam Indonesia, which has been transformed into a resort that provides tranquility and comfort for its guests. You will be able to enjoy sleeping with sea views and activities on the coast. This resort is very strategic and easy to reach from various regions.

By vacationing on Bintan Island, you can experience various memorable experiences, from wallowing in the sand to staying at luxury resorts. Happy holiday!

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