15 Outstanding Benefits of Being a Travel Nurse in 2017

There are a lot of travel nurse benefits since there are a lot of travel nursing companies with best benefits so here are a few advantages of getting a travel nursing jobs:

  1. Professional and Personal Flexibility

This would have to be in the top tier list of the travel nurse benefits. You have power and control over which location you want to work in. You could coordinate your schedule so that you could take off to see your family without having to bat an eye and specify your positions based on your needs, which could also help your career further faster.

  1. Make More Money

Being a Travel nurse allows you to be well compensated. The median compensation for a permanent nurse is $66,640 per year, while travel nurses with acute-care experience can earn over $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included. It also helps if you have a specialty or if you work overtime since certain locations would be willing to pay you more than others.

  1. Housing

If you are a travel nurse, you would be receiving housing stipends depending on how long your contract is and where you are located. The average housing stipend of a travel nurse $2,000 a month, depending on the location you are in, if you are in a place that has higher rent or lower rent, then the amount could be adjusted.

  1. Reimbursements
  2. License Reimbursement

Especially if you are a part of an agency, there are some agencies that offer license reimbursement so you wouldn’t have to pay for it yourself.

  1. Scrub Reimbursement

Aside from your license, there are also some travel nursing agencies that offer to reimburse your scrubs.

  1. Travel Reimbursement

Since you are going to be traveling around and you work with a travel nursing agency, they would be helping you move around the country. This might even give you nurse vacation discounts.

  1. Minimized Workplace Politics

Office politics are something we can’t usually avoid and it is found in every industry, however, as a travel nurse, this could be avoided because you are typically assigned to one place that typically ranges from 3 to 6 months then off you go to another state. Traveling RNs get to enjoy different workplaces, with different environments and different people before they are back on the road in no time.

  1. Work and Meet More People

No matter where you work, it is unavoidable to meet new people. You might meet people in the workplace or in every city that you get to explore to. The new people that you meet can have the potential to impact your life and could open doors to a future career or a lifelong friend.

  1. Job Security

The demand for registered nurses is growing more and more each year, especially during our times now. Healthcare facilities are always on the lookout for more registered nurses, whether they are looking for qualified nurses to fill a staff shortage or to meet seasonal needs, a travel nurse would always have a job. This could also be added as a travel nurse unemployment benefit, with nurses being on-demand, there will always be assignments that could be given to you in no time.

With this also comes endless opportunities to further your professional career. With all the experience you get with working with all these different people, growing your connections, will provide you with a once in a lifetime chance to see many sides of the nursing profession in a short span of time and have a lot of options to pick from when you decide to advance your career.

  1. More Monetary Benefits

As you travel more, you also could earn more money than just your salary. A lot of travel nursing agencies offer some traveler bonuses.

  1. Help People That Really Need It

As a nurse, you get to directly impact the lives of the people that you are in need of on a daily basis, it is not an easy career, but it is rewarding. You become an instrumental piece of the healthcare puzzle, be on the frontlines and see the fruits of your labor right before your eyes.

Being a travel nurse is such a rewarding career, and it is an in-demand field that people are definitely in need of. Be a Travel Nurse now!