Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation – The Endless Seven-Day Journey coming west for PS4, Switch in August

Publisher Neos Company and developer Millennium Kitchen area will launch Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer months Holiday – The Countless Seven-Working day Journey for PlayStation 4 and Swap in August throughout the world, the providers declared. It will aid English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitle selections.

In Japan, in which the activity is now out there for Swap, the preliminary PlayStation 4 release will be electronic-only, but a physical edition is also planned. Further more details about the bodily release will comply with at a later date.

It is at present unknown whether a actual physical edition is planned for launch in the west.

Designed by the studio at the rear of the Boku no Natsuyasumi collection, Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Trip – The Endless Seven-Day Journey to start with released for Swap on July 15, 2021 in Japan and May well 4, 2022 in Asia, and has since surpassed 400,000 put together shipments and electronic income.

In this article is an overview of the activity, by way of its formal internet site:


Hiroshi has to go on a enterprise trip to Kyushu, so now the total Nohara family members has determined to keep with an childhood mate of Misae’s in Assou, Kumamoto.

But when they get there at Kumamoto Station on their way to Assou, they satisfy a peculiar gentleman who provides them an even stranger digital camera on the affliction that they’ll act as his witnesses…

With his new digicam in hand, Shinnosuke can enjoy his summertime family vacation in the wonderful Assou fields and mountains to the fullest. The landscapes is even crawling with creatures that he would never ever obtain in Kasukabe. And there are townspeople to enable and new good friends to make.

That said… don’t these young ones glimpse an awful lot like the kinds he appreciates from home?

One neat summer night, Shinnosuke witnesses a big creature outlined in opposition to the light of a whole moon. Following to the creature is a peculiar gentleman with a large smile.

It’s the same bizarre guy who gave him the digicam at the station…

And he calls himself the Evil Professor. Subsequent this come upon a lot more and a lot more bizarre factors begin to occur all-around Assou…


  • Shin-chan and the Nohara Relatives – At the centre of it all is the inexhaustible 5-yr-old Sinnosuke Nohara himself! Accompanying him are his dad Hiroshi, his mother Misae, his sister Himawari, and his beloved pet puppy Shiro. The Noharas have traveled all the way from Kasukabe to Assou. All the things is lined up for a enjoyable week of summer vacationing! Or at the very least, so it seems…
  • The Hinoyama Loved ones – From left to appropriate: Yoyoko, Lalako, Cap The Hinoyama household is internet hosting the Noharas when they’re in Assou. Yoyoko operates the area Hinoyama Cafe. She’s really a single Misae’s childhood buddies! Lalako is Yoyoko’s youthful sister, and she grew to become fast pals with Shinnosuke. Their father, who runs the area news agency, is essentially called Mamoru, but every person just phone calls him Cap!
  • Evil Professor – The self-proclaimed “Scariest Mad Scientist of All Time.” He’s simply one particular of the most important characters in this overall tale!
  • Kazuma, Kine, Masaya, and Bu – Some of the regional young ones that Shinnosuke fulfills in Assou… Why do they glimpse particularly like his pals from Kasukabe?!
  • Yoshiko Kurogami, Mott Yamada, Saburo Aoyama, Jiro Aoyama, Ichiro Aoyama, Hata Aoyama, and Shinobu Ginga – Assou’s villagers. All sorts of stories will unfold by way of Shinnosuke’s interactions with the locals.


  • Established In Assou, Kumamoto – A town surrounded by lovely mother nature. Misae’s childhood mate and many other exciting characters reside right here.
  • A Location Housing a Mysterious Legend – It seems there exists an historic and mysterious tale recognized to all of the town’s persons.
  • Stuffed with All Kinds of Intriguing Figures – The city is loaded with all kinds of exceptional personalities. From the community shopkeep to a lady concerned about like. There’s even an eccentric professor and a real-daily life ninja descendant?!
  • A Summer season Vacation Used with Other Small children – Why do these little ones search particularly the very same as the types from Kasukabe?! Properly, either way, you can engage in jointly and clear up issues all over town. Alongside one another, you’ll have the ideal summer holiday ever!
  • Attractive Japanese Surroundings – Take pleasure in the experience of Japan in the top of summer season. Wander beneath the wide open up skies and listen to the seem of cicadas ringing by the mountains and the gentle babbling of brooks as they wind as a result of the greenery. It’s an practical experience that’ll immediately have you nostalgic for Japanese summer months.
  • Our Key Hideout – This city residences a magic formula base that only the young children know about! Collect anyone to have your own Dinosaur Showdown! There is loads of strategies to have pleasurable in Assou!

Summer time Getaway

  • Morning Exercise in Assou – Japanese summertime getaway is not full with out early morning gymnastics! Everyone in town gets collectively to do these early morning stretches! Sit again and appreciate the present!
  • Pleasurable Foods – The Nohara and Hinoyama households eat all their meals alongside one another. After seated, they say their many thanks for the food and dig in! The meals seem amazing, but I guess you cannot be expecting everything a lot less when you’re being at a actual cafe!
  • Take a look at as You Remember to – Run all around, engage in, and examine in a broad range of places. Due to the fact it is surrounded by mother nature, Assou is also dwelling to all kinds of exceptional bugs and fish! Catch fish and bugs, assistance the townspeople, and appreciate your summer months getaway to the max!
  • Night Bathtub – Soon after a day of enjoyment and exploration, it’s time to take a bathtub with father! You can even see the starry sky from within just the standard tiled bathtub. Clean absent the fatigue and all set your self for the next working day!
  • Photo Diary – Report all your enjoyable experiences in the image diary. It is the finest way to treasure your summer memories, be they the day’s happenings, new things you’ve uncovered, or the styles of fish and bugs you’ve caught!
  • Develop into a News Reporter – When Shinnosuke visits Cap at the News Company, he gets appointed as a baby journalist! The matters he reports will be printed in the paper and pinned to the bulletin boards all around city! As the newspaper pulls in far more subscribers, the enterprise will prosper! Attempt to hunt for the best scoop!
  • Catch Bugs – Assou’s loaded surroundings are filled to the brim with insects. Some of them are even very rare, unquestionably not the type you’d discover again in Kasukabe! Prepared your bug net, goal, and SWING! All the bugs you capture will be recorded in your Insect Encyclopedia!
  • Capture Fish – Assou’s rivers and ponds are abundant with fish, so you can delight in a location of fishing whenever you want! Prepared your rod, reel it in at the suitable time, and you could just capture a thing exceptional! All the fish you catch will be recorded in your Fish Encyclopedia!
  • Grow Veggies – You can mature balanced veggies above at the Kurokami Farm! If you bring the greens you grew to the Hinoyama Cafe or other stores around city, you can even get paid a bit of pocket dollars.
  • Support the Shops – Hinoyama Cafe, the area curry restaurant, and the supermarket are constantly searching for a lot more fresh components. Gain pocket money by bringing them the elements they list on the bulletin board!
  • Dinosaur Showdown – Befriend the other little ones in Assou and you’ll be ready to duke it out in Dinosaur Showdown! It is a position in which each potent dinosaurs and common people collide! You can acquire Dino Playing cards by shopping for Chocobi from the Kirishima Retail store!
  • Be a DJ – If you befriend the owner of the cafe and bar Dancing Jiro, you can become a DJ you! The tracks are composed of the game’s history music! Combine them up nonetheless you like and enjoy your tracks in the keep!


  • Typical Solid
    • Shinnosuke Nohara (voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi)
    • Misae Nohara (voiced by Miki Narahashi)
    • Hiroshi Nohar (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa)
    • Himawari Nohara (voiced by Satomi Korogi)
    • Shiro / Kazuma (voiced by Mari Mashiba)
    • Kine (voiced by Tamao Hayashi)
    • Bu (voiced by Chie Sato)
    • Masaya (voiced by Teiyu Ichiryusai)
  • Unique Forged
    • Evil Professor (voiced by Tadashi Miyazawa)
    • Hata Aoyama / Narration (voiced by Yukiko Motoyoshi)
    • Yoyoko Hinoyama (voiced by Riko Kohara)
    • Lalako Hinoyama (voiced by Megumi Nishikiori)
    • Cap (voiced by Nobuhiro Fukui)
    • Yoshiko Kurogami (voiced by Yuki Kaneko)
    • Mott Yamada (voiced by Miki Horiba)
    • Shinobu Ginga (voiced by Yuhi Asagiri)
    • Ichiro Aoyama / Jiro / Saburo (voiced by Takafumi Maeuchi)

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