The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation makes an appearance on Wild ‘N Out

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation.
The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation was recently spotted filming an episode of Wild ‘N Out. Pic credit: MTV

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation has been spotted as they’ve started to film the new season of the show.

The girls posted pictures aboard private jets surrounded by camera crews recently and they all showed up in a group picture together at one of Pauly DelVecchio’s DJ gigs.

The only people missing from either of those posts were Angelina Pivarnick and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, but both are set to continue filming regardless.

Angelina made it clear that she wasn’t going anywhere when rumors spread that she was done with the show.

Most recently, it was revealed that Ronnie was making a return despite his brief hiatus to focus on his mental health.

Fans have spotted the Jersey Shore crew in different locations in San Diego and shared videos and photos to social media.

It looks like the roommates also took a shot at their comedy skills as they appeared on an episode of Wild ‘N Out.

The cast of Jersey Shore Family Vacation appears on Wild ‘N Out

Nick Cannon hosts Wild ‘N Out, an MTV show that focuses primarily on celebrity guests and comedians going head to head with one another in rap battles as they switch off throwing digs each other’s way.

Sounds like something that would be right up the Jersey Shore cast’s alley as they’ve even done some roasts of their own in the past.

Not all of the roommates were great at that though, which makes their appearance on Wild ‘N Out all the more intriguing.

A fan shared a short video clip of the group to Reddit while they filmed and the cast looked to be enjoying themselves.

Aside from noting that they were all “pretty good looking in person,” the fan deemed Pauly D’s girlfriend, Nikki Hall, as “the only funny one.”

It’s unclear if all of the cast participated in the show, but its likely viewers will catch a glimpse of the fun when the new season airs.

How much of the new season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation will Ronnie Ortiz-Magro participate in?

From the short video clip shown of the cast at Wild ‘N Out, Ronnie wasn’t immediately visible. It’s unclear just how much of a presence he will have in the new season despite reports that he is making a return.

Last season, Ronnie was only in the first episode as he talked about plans of proposing to his now-fiancee Saffire Matos.

When it was reported that Ronnie would be filming again, a source also revealed that the cast wasn’t too thrilled about his decision.

It’s unknown whether the group had a falling out with Ronnie. After his most recent arrest, his co-stars shared their love and support for him, but since then, he has been absent from their group outings and photos, begging the question of whether things are okay between them.

Fans will have to stay tuned to find out more about the new season and what’s in store for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation crew. A premiere date has yet to be announced at this time.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation is currently on hiatus.