Spring Break travel to and from Las Vegas off to busy start

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Sprig Break is considered to be the first major travel period of the year, a AAA spokesperson offered advice on how to keep it affordable.

For Clark County School District families, Friday marked the six-day Spring Break period students will be off. Spring Break varies depending on where you’re located.

John Treanor, AAA Spokesperson, said they don’t have travel forecast numbers yet, but it will be busy.

“Car rentals, hotels, flights, tours all those are up for places like Florida, Mexico and Hawaii by 211%,” Treanor said.

Some people are making Spring Break their first time traveling since the pandemic. With rising costs for goods and gas, Treanor doesn’t think that will deter people from flying or hitting the road.

He said if you’re planning on booking a flight this Spring or Summer, flexibility is key.

“If you’re flexible on where and when you travel if you can fly on off peak hours for instance or off peak days, you can find hidden gems when it comes to prices. You can also find hidden gem destinations if you don’t have one destination in mind there might be a lot of places you can find better deals on you otherwise wouldn’t have looked for, for your vacation,” Treanor said.

Friends Lovenia Quarterman and Zia Scurry-Clark arrived to Las Vegas from Jacksonville, Mississippi for a girls trip. They’ll be using more cash than card to avoid overspending.

“We all came to a certain amount that we was going to bring and we’re not going to use the ATM card cause at the end of the day we have to go back home and work and pay bills so yeah- we have a budget,” Quarterman said.

For those hitting the road, high gas prices are an expense to budget for. Madilyn Bravo said her family will be taking four vehicles on a road trip through Utah, Colorado and back down to Arizona.

“You know we’re lucky enough that it’s not really effecting us from not going, but a lot of people would…it’s horrible I hope it doesn’t go up anymore,” Bravo said.

Inside baggage claim at Harry Reid International Airport, FOX5 spoke with Chris Maher, a local limousine chauffer. He said his company raised rates because of high fuel costs.

“Went up $1 per ride for gas and I can almost guarantee you it’s going to go up another $1 per ride,” Maher said.