Things to Know About Cultural Etiquette of China Before Travelling

China is a country that is known for its culture and people there are quite serious about it. Everyone needs to know about the cultural etiquette of China before visiting as the people there can be a bit sensitive at times.

The culture of China has been developing over a long time and there are a lot of things that are quite unacceptable here. If you’re planning your trip to China make sure to read this article carefully so that you don’t end up offending anyone during your visit.

Things to Know About Cultural Etiquette of China Before Travelling

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The borders of China have been opening up and the government has also started to grant visas to travellers. If you’ve not yet applied for a visa to China then make sure to do it immediately. It’s recommended that you should always apply for a visa with the help of an agency so that you don’t have to invest all your time in the paperwork.

There are more chances of a visa getting approved when it’s applied through an agency. Once you’ve your visa approved and holiday planned make sure to learn all the etiquette so that you’ve got a smooth trip.

Personal Space and Privacy

Things to Know About Cultural Etiquette of China Before Travelling

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China is the most populated country in the world so naturally, every place in the city will end up being crowded. This is the reason the Chinese people are quite comfortable in tight areas.

If you’re visiting China for the first time, public places might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. There is also no privacy between the same genders and public toilets can be pretty uncomfortable here in China. The people of China aren’t at all uncomfortable with any kind of physical contact.


When you’re in China, greetings can be done by shaking hands with the help of a nod. You won’t have to bow down when you’re greeting someone because it’s not part of Chinese culture. If you’re addressing people in a group, make sure to start addressing elders first to show respect when you’re in China.

Chinese people are quite relaxed and when you’re shaking hands make sure to not be firm. A firm handshake in China is a sign of aggression. Chinese don’t like to hug people and greet people when they are meeting for the first time so make sure to simply shake hands and greet people in China.

Going Out

If you’re exploring different places in China then you will end up making some local friends. People in China invite their friends out to a restaurant to eat rather than at their homes.

The person who hosts ends up ordering the food and then paying for it. If you’re invited to anyone’s home in China make sure you open your shoes when you enter. You will be given a pair of slippers to wear when you enter the house. 

Table Manners

People in China are very particular about their table manners and when you’re eating with them make sure to follow them. If someone ends up toasting at a gathering, it’s quite polite to join in on the toast.

Make sure to stand up when you’re giving a toast. If you’re at a gathering or a dinner make sure to sample all the food available and leave a little on the table to show the generosity of the host.

Make sure to tap two of your fingers every time someone refills your tea as a gesture of thank you. Make sure to not dispose of your inedible bones and seeds in the rice bowl. Using tissue and placing them on a small plate is recommended. Also, make sure to not tap the bowl with the chopsticks as it’s considered to be quite impolite.

The culture of China is quite different from any other country because of its rich history. If you’re visiting China or planning to visit China make sure to apply for the China visa beforehand at This will help you plan your trip accordingly. Make sure to book all your hotels beforehand to get some great deals on them.

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