Try These 4 Efficient Packing Tips to Save Your Luggage Space

BEST Way to Pack a Suitcase - 25 Amazing Packing Tips

When packing clothes for traveling to jimbaran beach, have you ever felt like putting all your clothes in for fear of missing something? If so, then this article is for you.

Traveling that takes up to days is both fun and confusing when you’re packing. The feeling of wanting to wear a different outfit for each destination so that the photos look good, but will need more space in the suitcase. You must pack as efficiently as possible so that all your clothes can be used but only take up a little of your suitcase space. Some of the outfit choice tips below can help you pack more efficiently.  

A Plain T-shirt is A Must.

T-shirts are indeed a powerful weapon when traveling. The excellent and lightweight material makes this outfit a must to carry in a suitcase. You can also choose the color according to your preference. But to avoid carrying too many T-shirts, you should choose neutral colors such as white, black, brown, or beige. T-shirts with colors like this are easy to mix and match with bottoms and supporting accessories.

For example, when traveling to Lembang, you want to create a joyful bandung moment in the 70s style. You can wear a white T-shirt with a floral skirt and an oversized jeans jacket. Or you can also combine a black T-shirt with a bright outer and matching bottom. You can create all styles with a plain T-shirt.

Choose A Neutral Color.

Just like the plain T-shirt above, you should choose neutral colors such as white, black, beige, and navy for the clothes you bring. This neutral color can be used for all your outfits and is suitable for all destinations.

Light Undies

Do you agree that undies or underwear take up quite a lot of space because there are quite a lot of them with significant roles? Want to reduce it but afraid you’ll need it? For that, choose undies material that is lightweight and easy to fold. For example, non-wire bras are very light and can be rolled to save space in the suitcase. As for the pants, if you feel comfortable, you can use paper panties so that they can be immediately disposed after use. Or if it’s uncomfortable, you can bring seamless underwear that can be folded up small.

Bring Only One Pair of Shoes

Many destinations you will visit do not mean you have to change shoes every place constantly. Bring only one pair of comfortable shoes for long walks and match all the outfits you will bring. For example, if you want to travel around museums in Yogyakarta, then choose sneakers that are comfortable for walking or soft flat shoes. Remember, also bring light sandals from home if your accommodation doesn’t provide slippers.

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